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Hello and welcome to What’s Now (TM) in Digital Marketing, curated completely by human beings.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1.) What is What’s Now (TM)?

What’s Now TM is your bi-weekly review of what’s now in Digital Marketing, curated completely by human beings. What’s Now TM brings you the most current news, tips, tutorials, how-to’s and other resources from leading experts to help you achieve better Digital Marketing results.

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7.) Is What’s Now (TM) accessible to the blind and vision-impaired?

Yes it is. Both on the web and in your email What’s Now (TM) utilizes a 100% accessibly-friendly format which describes all images and controls in detail. If you should find that the format of any single piece of information contained within this publication prevents you from accessing that information in any way, simply contact us today and we will remedy your issue immediately.

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