Still Using Just A Password? Meet 2FA.

Illustration. Laptop next to a mobile phone performing 2FA.

Do you have 2FA enabled for all of your online accounts? We get asked a lot of security questions here at the Vault. Oh, wait, you thought we were a marketing firm? Interesting. So did we, lol. The two however have never been more interconnected than they are today. The vast majority of SMB clients…

Let’s Talk Tips for Tuesday, October 1st 2019 – Volume 13

Let's Talk Tips Newsletter graphic. A photo shows a close up of a cork board hanging on a wall above a desk. On the desk to the left of the cork board is a plant and a red double bell alarm clock. To the right of the cork board is a hardcover book with a spiral notebook and pen on top of it. Pinned to the very center of the cork board by a single red pin is the Let's Talk Tips logo printed on a single piece of white paper. The logo itself consists of 4 multicolored crayons standing side by side. Each crayon has a different letter at the top of it, together spelling out the word, TIPS.

Let's Talk Tips for Tuesday, October 1st 2019 - Volume 13 An Author Donna Jodhan Publication About | Let's Talk Tips is your monthly resource for the most current and reliable informational tips available in the areas of Technology, Nutrition, Media, Business, and Advocacy. Find out more at: Web Version | Read this…

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