We regret that we are not always able to take on new clients.

It always has been and shall remain the position of Mind Vault that it is better to serve the few perfectly, than to serve the many ordinarily.

If Mind Vault turns out to be a good fit for your business or organizational needs and we’re booked when you contact us, we’ll offer you a spot on our waiting list.

If your project needs are more urgent than our waiting list will allow, we can, at your request, attempt to match you with another partner in our network that can meet both your needs and time frame.

Pricing / Client FAQ:

How much does it cost to partner with Mind Vault?

(1) Non-Profit: If you are a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, $25 per hour with 24 hour turnaround via email or text.

(2) For-Profit: If you are not a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, $35 per hour with 24 hour turnaround via email or text.

(3) Non-Profit or For-Profit: $50 per hour anytime you require a 12 hour turnaround time on any work request and/or video or voice communication.

*Turnaround time is defined as the time elapsed from the time a service request is received to the time that service request is expected to be satisfied.

So all Mind Vault services are billed hourly?

That is correct.

Do you offer flat rates?

Only at select times and only to select clients. We offer flat rates as incentives to clients that we believe will benefit from a long term relationship with Mind Vault. Since flat rates are not profitable for us in the short term we use them as incentives to onboard or lengthen those client relationships that we wish to initiate and/or extend. We also offer flat rates as a means of gauging new client usage and as a means of donating our services to causes that we believe benefit the community at large. If you represent a government agency, nonprofit organization or not-for-profit initiative, please inquire about our flat and reduced hourly rates.

Can you give me an example of how a flat rate works?

Certainly. There will always be 4 different parts in play with any flat rate. These parts are:

  1. The AMOUNT of the Flat Rate being offered.
  2. The TURNAROUND TIME on the Flat Rate being offered. (*This determines the hourly rate.)
  3. The CAP on the Flat Rate being offered.
  4. The DURATION of the Flat Rate being offered.

*All flat rates still have hourly rates attached to them because all services are still itemized, even under a flat rate. This itemization of services, even under a flat rate, allows you to continuously measure your usage over time, even if you’re not currently paying for all of it while you’re under the flat rate.

Example Offer:

For our Flat Rate example offer we will utilize the following non-profit example:

  1. AMOUNT: $500.00 USD.
  2. TURNAROUND TIME: 24 hours via email or text. ($25.00 per hour.)
  3. CAP: 50%.
  4. DURATION: 6 months.

1.) $500.00 / $25.00 per Hour = 20 Hours per Month

2.) 50% of 20 Hours per Month = 10 Hours per Month (This is your cap. Anything over (20 + 10 =) 30 hours within any of the next 6 months will be billed hourly (at $25 per hour) in addition to your flat rate.

3.) This means that you are being offered 30 Hours of work a month, for the next 6 months, for the cost of only 20. Or, you could look at it as paying only $12.50 / Hour for a 30 hour per month package for the next 6 months. Either view is accurate.

Depending upon our client schedule at the time your flat rate comes up for renewal we we may or may not be able to offer you another flat rate. As you can see from the above example our flat rates are wholly dependent upon our ability to provide you with a discount over time. Which is something we are always more than happy to do anytime it makes sense for both parties. But it is something that we are only able to do when our client schedule is open enough to permit it.

Many other combinations of amounts, turnaround times, caps and duration may be assembled and offered, but they all work in precisely the same way.

When I partner with Mind Vault what am I paying for?

You are paying for the time that it takes a technical services professional (or professionals) to complete the business, administrative or marketing tasks that you have requested, within the time frame that you have requested for them to be completed. A current list of available client Services can be found here.

Does Mind Vault offer performance guarantees?

No we do not. In any form. We provide professionally outsourced marketing administration services. While the result of utilizing these services consistently over time in concert with our consultation can and does result in increased marketing performance, please be advised that this is not what you are paying for. You are paying only for our service and consultation time. While we are always here to guide you in any way that you might require, all final marketing decisions are always solely yours to make.

Do you enforce any billing minimums?

Yes we do. We have a 15 minute minimum in place for any service request due to the amount of time that it takes to enter any request into our system and process it. Please consider this when submitting your service requests in the event that they are very small. Bundle them together instead to save yourself service time.

How quickly will Mind Vault satisfy my requests?

Our Standard Turnaround Time (STT) is 12 hours. This is the turnaround time provided at our Standard Hourly Rate (SHR) of $50.00 per hour.

Does Mind Vault provide onsite service?

No we do not. All Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd. business and marketing administration services are provided remotely. We offer no onsite services of any kind.

Do you provide clients with itemized billing as you go?

Yes we do. All client service requests are individually described and itemized. This is true whether you’re being billed hourly or under a flat rate. Under a flat rate your hourly billing is still itemized in order to properly gauge your usage under your current flat rate.

How much time do I have to pay my invoice each month?

All Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd. invoices are due either:

  1. Upon receipt via payment method on file.
  2. 15 Days From Receipt.
  3. 30 Days From Receipt.

Depending upon the terms outlined within your Service Level Agreement (SLA). Please check your specific SLA for details.

What happens if I pay late?

Most notably, paying outside of your net terms removes our ability to offer you net terms going forward. At this point you may place a payment method on file with us which can be used going forward to automatically satisfy the terms of your SLA each month. In addition, all past due accounts are charged a late payment rate of 1.5% of the invoice balance monthly, or 18% annually, with the first past due rate applied to the invoice balance at midnight, either 15 or 30 days after the “Invoice Date” listed on the invoice (and not the date of receipt of the invoice).

Does Mind Vault report to the credit bureaus?

Yes we do. Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd., D-U-N-S® Number: 196750249, provides automated daily reports to the Dunn & Bradstreet® Credibility Corporation (https://www.dnb.com/) via PAYDEX® and the Experian™ Credibility Corporation (http://www.experian.com/) via Intelliscore PlusSM.

What if I pay by check and it bounces?

Any payment rejected by your financial institution for any reason shall incur an additional charge of $35.00 USD per item returned to MVS. In addition, any payment returned for NSF will remove our ability to offer you net terms going forward. At this point you may place a payment method on file with us which can be used going forward to automatically satisfy the terms of your SLA each month.

Does Mind Vault accept Credit Cards? Debit Cards? PayPal? Etc.?

Yes we do. Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd. accepts all major credit cards, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. Our PayPal email address for direct payments without an invoice is paypal@mvsltd.com.



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