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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is Mind Vault Solutions?
Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd. is a leading international provider of professionally outsourced marketing administration and consultation services.

Q: How can Mind Vault help my business / organization?
Many businesses and organizations today will find it difficult to impossible to serve all of their website, marketing and design needs by utilizing only on-staff talent, and because hiring additional staff can often be financially implausible, a partnership with Mind Vault can provide your business or organization with the professional services that it needs, as you need them, with no additional staff, and with none of the budget commitments required by traditional firms.

Q: What types of marketing administration services does Mind Vault provide?
Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd. assists businesses and organizations with website design, development and administration, content management system (CMS) selection, customization and administration (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal), Ecommerce (Shopify, PayPal), analytics (Google Analytics, Monster Insights), search engine optimization (YoastSEO, SEOMoz), social media integration (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest), 100% legally compliant email marketing (Constant Contact, Mailchimp), hosting, graphic design for the web & press, surveys, podcasts, directional marketing consultation, campaign administration, and more. Please check out our Services page for a complete listing of our services.

Q: How long has Mind Vault been in business?
Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd. has been providing businesses and organizations with technologically advancing business data, marketing, and design solutions since March of 2004.

Q: What types of businesses / organizations will benefit most from a partnership with Mind Vault?
Every business / organization today requires access to a large and growing combination of professional technical and marketing services in order to grow. This is true regardless of size or market served, and therefore puts Mind Vault in the unique position to assist any business / organization that requires these services. In our experience however, we believe it is worth mentioning in response to this question that smaller businesses / organizations and non-profits often see additional benefit to our services as smaller businesses / organizations and many non-profits do not have a dedicated marketing professional on staff.

Q: I’ve just started a business. Can Mind Vault help me get it off the ground?
Starting a business is a hectic time. There are so many questions to be answered and all of them needed to be answered yesterday. At Mind Vault we understand this, have been through this with many clients, and can assist you in identifying initial marketing priorities as well as long term marketing objectives that will help you to grow your business.

Q: We are a larger business / organization with one or more dedicated marketing professionals on staff. How can we still benefit from a partnership with Mind Vault?
The task of a dedicated, on-staff marketing professional is to coordinate the overall brand of the company, and to make certain that brand is being used consistently and in accordance across all of your marketing mediums. This specificity also means that, more often than not, your marketing professional will not also be a certified data analyst, Google AdWords Partner, SEO expert, web developer, graphic designer, pre-press technician, or any of a myriad other specific skill-sets required to identify, accomplish, and maintain modern day marketing initiatives. It is here that Mind Vault can assist your marketing professionals by working under them to provide any business data, marketing, or graphic design services that they might be unable to satisfy in-house.

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