The following is a list of services available to all Mind Vault clients on an as-needed basis:

1.) Digital Marketing Consultation

Image. Diagram. Digital marketing workflow.If you are not currently a Mind Vault client we provide you with two options regarding Digital Marketing Consultation. Their only difference is that one is free, and one is not. How can you tell the difference? By answering two simple questions:

A.) Would you like a digital marketing consultation in order to determine whether or not your business or organization might be able to partner with Mind Vault in order for Mind Vault to provide your business or organization with ongoing digital marketing services?

If so, then your consultation is FREE. Head on over to our Contact Us page and feel free to reach out to us using your preferred method of contact.

B.) Would you like a digital marketing consultation in order to provide professional answers to specific questions that you have regarding digital marketing processes and/or strategies for your business or organization? 

If so then you may purchase a PAID one (1) hour Consultation Credit for $35.00 USD, or a four (4) hour Consultation Credit Credit Pack for $120.00 USD. All Consultation Credit Packs expire 30 days from the date of purchase. All consultations are conducted via voice in real time by a certified Mind Vault Digital Marketing Solutions Provider. Simply head on over to our Contact Us page and reach out to us today using your preferred method of contact.

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2.) Domain Name Administration

Illustration depicting Domain Name Administration.

Your domain name is your web address, also known as a URL, or Uniform Resource Locator. Once chosen, your domain name gets mapped to the IP address which actually sends people to your website when they type your domain name into a web browser or click on a link that points to it.

In order for this to work properly your domain name needs to be connected  to your website hosting provider, assuming that both services are not provided by the same vendor, which often, they are not.

Additional settings are required to set up sub-domains, transfer a domain name from one registrar to another, or properly route email.

So whether you just need help securing your very first URL, or you need help pointing a currently owned domain over to a new hosting provider, or you need help configuring your domain to properly send and receive email, Mind Vault is here for you.

Tags: domain name, url, web address, registration, transfer, administration

3.) Website Hosting

MVSLTD3-Website-Hosting-1600x1067Mind Vault can help you to identify the very best hosting services for your website based on your CMS (Content Management System) of choice.

Often, your hosting options will be limited only by the CMS that you choose to build upon.

What is a CMS (Content Management System)?

A CMS, or Content Management System, is the software that runs in the background of your website (on the web server provided by your hosting package) which organizes all of the pages and posts within your website (this site, for instance, uses WordPress as its CMS). Without a CMS, your website pages and posts are simply “static” files that live on your web server. This can have very real benefits for some niche marketing applications, but the vast majority of businesses and organizations today will want to build with a robust CMS behind their site.

Mind Vault can help you to identify the best CMS for your website based on the primary goal that you would like for your website to accomplish. Our #1 recommended general-purpose CMS to build on is WordPress, simply because it is so powerful, and so flexible, but there are others, like Joomla and Drupal. Each CMS has its own specific advantages and disadvantages based on the primary goal that you would like for your final website to accomplish. It is here that Mind Vault can assist you in making the very best choices for your future online marketing objectives.

For the vast majority of general purpose website applications WordPress will be the very ‘best’ all around CMS choice, both from a functional and a financial perspective. And our statistics bear this out:

Below is a breakdown of the CMS choices that our clients currently make:

General Purpose CMS: WordPress – 70%
eCommerce CMS: Shopify – 25%
No CMS – 5%

For websites with eCommerce as their primary goal, Mind Vault strongly recommends building on the Shopify CMS platform.

Mind Vault can assist you in identifying compatible hosting providers for your chosen CMS, and then assist you in integrating those services into a custom solution for your website.

If you have any additional questions regarding hosting, please Contact Us today.

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4.) Website Transfer / Relocation

Illustration depicting Website Transfer Services.Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd. provides professional website transfer services to businesses and organizations of all sizes, and for all types of websites.

Whether you want to transfer your current website from one provider to another, or convert your website from one system to another, Mind Vault is here for you.

We provide website transfer services for WordPress which include both individual and installations, as well as transfers between these two platforms as well.

Tags: website transfer, website relocation, website move, wordpress

5.) Website Design and Development

MVSLTD3-Website-Design-Dev-Admin-1600x911Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd. provides professional website design and development services to businesses and organizations of all sizes, and for all types of websites. Do you need a small, five page site with no CMS (Content Management System) in the background in order to maximize your design ability, load time and SEO? Or do you need a mainstream site with a robust CMS running in the background that easily ties in to your other marketing channels and can handle super fast search out of the box? Either way, we’ve got you covered.

The reason that many small, artisanal websites still prefer to develop without a CMS is the incredible amount of design freedom that this approach provides. For brands that still require absolute control over every single aesthetic aspect of their site, custom coding + design can provide the solution.

And that’s it. Once we’re confident that you’ve selected the best CMS for your website, we can begin customizing the design and structure of your new site to suit your specific design tastes and organizational preferences. Once completed, this ends both the Design and Development phases of your website.

Tags: website design, website development, cms, content management system

6.) Website Administration

Illustration depicting Website Administration Services.Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd. provides professional website administration services to businesses and organizations of all sizes, and for all types of websites. Upon completion of the Website Design and Development portion of your website you will have 3 options:

  1. You can take over the website from this point forward and maintain it yourself. (Hand off method.)
  2. You can share access to the final website with Mind Vault so that both you and Mind Vault can maintain the site as you see fit. (Assisted method.)
  3. You can pay Mind Vault to administrate the site on your behalf. We offer very reasonable hourly rates as well as flat rates for qualifying businesses / organizations. (Outsourced method.)

Already have a website? Just need an administrator?

Mind Vault also offers website administration services for websites that we did not build. There may be some exceptions depending upon the code base of your site and / or the CMS behind it, but if you’ve lost a website developer or administrator recently, or you’ve simply decided that it’s time to move on, take your time back, and let someone else do the work, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us today.

Tags: website administration, website maintenance, content management

7.) News Syndication

Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd. News BannerDoes your business or organization put out a lot of news? Monthly? Weekly? Or daily? Do you need for each of your news items to be released simultaneously across all of your media channels at once? For example, once posted to your website each article is then also released to your Facebook Page, Twitter account, Instagram account, LinkedIn Company or Organization page, Email Newsletter, YouTube Channel, RSS, Google News app (#1), News Break app (#2), Apple News app (#3), etc? There are many, many more channel options, these are just examples of some of the most utilized currently.

If you’ve taken for a test run any of the apps that claim to do all of this for your business or organization, then you too have discovered that each of these apps actually only take care of a fraction of it. The rest is, well, left up to you, meaning that you will need to manage multiple apps, and these apps will in turn carry both a multiplied cost and a multiplied amount of your time spent operating all of them. How do we know this? Because we do it. Every single day. We do it so that you don’t have to. So if you’re ready to take your time back, and spend your budget on a solution with real people behind it that delivers 100% of the solution 100% of the time, then a partnership with Mind Vault might be able to help.

Tags: news syndication, media, multi-channel, administration

8.) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Illustration depicting Search Engine Optimization Services.Mind Vault can design, organize, and maintain the informational structure of your website to give you the greatest possible organic ranking with all of the search engines over time, but especially Google.

We connect your website directly to Google Webmaster Tools like Search Console and Google Analytics in order to monitor the behavior of your link traffic over time. We then use that information to make gradual adjustments to the structure of your website that, taken in accumulation, eventually give you the maximum amount of organic search ranking possible for each keyword for which you currently compete.

We can also help you to set up and / or connect your Google My Business Profile to your website in order to increase your search engine ranking.

If you are a government organization, we can assist you with the application necessary to register yourself as a verified government organization (VGO) with Google. Thereby increasing your authority, and in turn your search ranking, for all keywords for which you currently compete.

And finally, if you run ©Google ©Adwords campaigns, Mind Vault can further modify its SEO approach to accommodate all of the keywords that you are currently bidding on.

If you have any additional questions about real SEO practices, with none of that hocus pocus stuff, please Contact Us today.

Tags: seo, search engine optimization, google webmaster tools, google search console, google analytics, google adwords

9.) Graphic Design

MVSLTD3-Graphic-Design-1600x1063As a full range graphic design firm Mind Vault offers the following classes of graphic design services on an as-needed basis:

1.) Original, custom website design.

2.) Original, custom logo design.

3.) Online advertisement design.

4.) Stock photography selection and customization.

5.) Stock vector selection and customization.

6.) Stock sound selection and customization.

7.) Stock video selection and customization.

8.) Print and press design and layout services, which include:

  • Business Cards
  • Stationery
  • Fliers
  • Mailers
  • Post Cards
  • Advertisement Design, Layout and *Pre-Press

*Pre-Press Services: Pre-Press (or Pre-Flight) Services are the sum total of all of the actions taken to prepare an approved design / layout for submission to a printer. Because pre-flight requirements can vary from printer to printer Mind Vault will handle all of the pre-press (or pre-flight) requirements for your project once you have chosen a printer.

A project is considered complete once your printer has verified that all necessary files have been provided to take that project to press.

Tags: graphic design, logo design, advertisement design, stock photography, stock sound, stock video, business cards, fliers, mailers, post cards, pre press, pre flight, 3d, video editing, video design, promotions, campaigns

10.) Email Marketing

Constant Contact Certified 2022-2023If you’re looking for an outside firm to create, administrate, and / or maintain your company email marketing initiatives, then Mind Vault may be a good fit for your business or organizational needs.

All Mind Vault Email Marketing Services are provided via the Constant Contact® Email Marketing and Media Services Platform, guaranteeing 100% legal compliance for your business / organization using Constant Contact’s industry standard SafeUnsubscribe(TM).

Constant Contact 2018 Solution Provider All Star Award LogoMind Vault is a Constant Contact® Certified Partner and a Constant Contact® Certified Expert.

Mind Vault can provide your business with newsletter build, test, and blast services, custom templates, campaign management, list growth and maintenance, tie-ins to your other marketing channels, market targeting, and more.

Mind Vault is proud to announce that we have been named a 2018 Constant Contact Solution Provider All Star Award Winner!

Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd. Earns 2018 Constant Contact Solution Provider All Star Award

If you have additional questions about our Email Marketing services, please Contact Us today.

Tags: email marketing, constant contact, certified expert

11.) Social Media Management

MVSLTD3-Social-Media-Management-1600x1067Mind Vault can assist your business / organization with social media integration and administration via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and many other popular social media services.

From Business Facebook Pages and apps to using your website and email marketing to populate your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest news feeds, Mind Vault specializes in the proper synchronization of each of these media channels, providing your business / organization with the greatest possible exposure to each of these networks over time.

If you have additional questions about professional Social Media Management, please Contact Us today.

Tags: social media management, facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, linkedin, pinterest, snapchat

12.) Surveys

MVSLTD3-Survey-1600x1068Statistics can be made to prove anything — even the truth.” – Author Unknown

Mind Vault can assist your business / organization with creating on-the-fly polls and surveys that collect and aggregate the information that you need to know to grow.

We use marketing surveys for a number of reasons, from identifying visitor satisfaction scores, to deciding how to best position new products or services.

At Mind Vault we focus on the technical and marketing specifics of the survey process for you, so that you can focus on capturing the data that you know will be most valuable to your business.

Mind Vault specializes in:

1.) Question Formatting Best Practices

2.) Consistency of Question Presentation Best Practices

3.) Integrating Respondent Demographic Information

4.) Writing Statistically Valid Questions:

  • Leading Question Avoidance
  • Assumptive Close Prevention
  • Answer Implication Avoidance
  • Coercion Avoidance
  • Creating Balanced Question Scales
  • Language Clarification
  • Question Choice Randomization

Tags: survey, data, statistics

13.) Analytics

Depiction of many different analytical screens filled with different visual representations of data stacked at adjacent angles to one another.If there is one thing we love here at Mind Vault, it’s numbers. Statistics. Data. Analytics. For these numbers are the fuel that drive our efforts.

From the proper utilization of Google Analytics to track visitors across your website(s), to the metrics provided by each and every email newsletter campaign you send, to the many signals that each of your social media posts receive, Mind Vault can help you to aggregate all of these data points into a single picture, allowing you to determine the very best direction (and investment) for your future marketing dollars.

Tags: analytics, signals, data, aggregation


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Aaron Di Blasi, PMP, Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd. Named 2022-2023 Constant Contact Certified Solution Provider 4th Year Running

Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd. Earns 2018 Constant Contact Solution Provider All Star Award