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In this Issue of What’s Now TM in Digital Marketing:

Schedule Instagram Posts: The Definitive Guide 🌐

Illustration of Polaroid camera with a flash on top. While we utilize Hootsuite for social media management across all of our properties here at the Vault we were intrigued when the folks from Bulk.ly recently reached out to us about their offering which couples with Buffer (a Hootsuite competitor) in order to allow you to completely automate the process of scheduling Instagram posts, among many other complimentary functionalities. I believe it important to note here that while Hootsuite claims Instagram post automation, “in reality, they send a push notification to your phone to ‘remind’ you it’s time to post.” In this very thorough, well thought out and extremely well illustrated article Bulk.ly poses the question, “How efficient is that?” To which we all already know the answer. Not very. But what you may not know is this, “Real Instagram scheduling means that you create your status update and it gets published to your account at a later date without the nudge of a notification to schedule it sent to your phone. But the capability to directly schedule Instagram posts via third-party apps like Buffer hasn’t been possible. Until now.”

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5 Tips to Improve Your Branding 🌐

Illustration of a man shopping for brands as if he were at a grocery store. Branding is an essential aspect of your marketing strategy. If you develop an awesome branding strategy, people will get to know your brand, your company, and your website. In this post from Yoast SEO they will first explain what branding is and why it can help you with your SEO. After that, they’ll give you 5 practical tips that you can use to improve your own branding strategy.

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The What, Why, and How of TikTok for B2C Brands [With Examples] 🌐

The Content Marketing Institute logo sits just above the TikTok logo. A question we field an awful lot these days here at the Vault is, “Should we be on TikTok?” And our answer is always a simple one. If you’re currently at the point where you’re asking this question then the answer is an unequivocal, “No. You should not.” Not right away. What you should do first is provide yourself with a framework that will allow you to better understand the platform itself and how it operates “socially”. Which is altogether different from how it operates “functionally”. What you need are answers to the next level questions related to the platform. What you need, are examples of how others like you are doing it. And that is exactly what we have right here for you, fresh from the Content Marketing Institute. Why? Because you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

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Photographing Vegan Food: The Growing Trend of Sustainable Dining 🌐

A variety of vegan foods overflow from a glass storage jar onto a wooden table. WARNING. Photos of delicious food ahead! In 2014, an estimated one percent of consumers in the United States identified as vegan. By 2017, that number had multiplied to six percent. In 2018, sales of plant-based meat and dairy alternatives increased by seventeen percent. As we become more aware of the consequences of factory farming — on the animals, our health, and our planet — more people than ever are choosing to integrate plant-based foods into their diets. So we asked nine talented artists from around the world how they create on-trend, vegan-themed photos that appeal to buyers and promote green living.

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How to Appeal to an International Audience with Content Translation 🌐

Illustration of a variety of different international flags coming out of the mouth of a woman wearing headphones. Here at the Vault we serve clients both domestically, here in the United States, as well as internationally, which includes clients that reside in and/or operate businesses in countries outside of the United States. But today, most commonly, people tend to have businesses that need to operate in multiple countries at once. This can pose some rather immediate challenges with regard to language translation. Both technologically, and logistically. This article from WordPress proposes a realistic answer to both. WordPress, along with the proper plug-ins and configuration, can do an absolutely amazing job of translating your content consistently into a variety of different languages. Which solves the technical portion of the problem. But what about the logistics? Are there guidelines for writing copy that will need to be translated into multiple languages? You bet there are. Here’s a great start.

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