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In this Issue of What’s Now TM in Digital Marketing:

What Will Influencer Marketing Look Like in 2020? 🌐

Close up of a D-SLR camera focused on an Influencer. Have you ever purchased something because a well-known person you admire used the product or service? This is just one example of a tactic used by businesses across virtually every industry called influencer marketing. Influencer marketing employs leading, niche content creators to improve brand awareness, increase traffic, and drive your brand’s message to your target audience. These content creators already market to your ideal audience across different channels which allows you to expand your reach across your buyer personas.

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Get to Know One of 2020’s Biggest Color Trends: Lush Lava 🌐

XXX_ARTICLE_ALT_DESCRIPTION_REPLACE_XXX A bright and blazing orange-red color that can’t fail to be noticed, we’re predicting that Lush Lava will be one of 2020’s hottest shades. Inspired by spectacular sunsets, desert dunes, and the energetic glow of fire, this shade is optimistic, vibrant and supremely confident. Read on to discover the origins and psychology of this juicy orange-red hue, and pick up tips for using Lush Lava to draw attention to branding, websites, and print designs.

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Responsive Web Design: Rise Of The Mobile Web 🌐

XXX_ARTICLE_ALT_DESCRIPTION_REPLACE_XXX The internet is changing. While the internet was built around servers and personal computers, it is evolving to an amorphous network accessed through smart phones. Recent surveys find that the mobile web is growing and expected to take over the internet. How does this affect your website and your business, now and in the future? Here are the facts about the rise of the mobile web.

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Tags:  Tag icon.  website design, website development, mobile responsive website design, mobile optimization, mobile web, mobile first, insights

Back to the Future? 90 Content Marketing Predictions for 2020 🌐

Content Marketing Institute logo. During his rousing keynote presentation at Content Marketing World 2019, Henry Rollins offered this take on the future: We are not going back to anything. We’re not going back to dial-up phones; we’re not going back to anything ancient … The old must give way to the new. The new must come in with intensity, with innovation, with great fury and speed. How do we evolve our programs for changes rushing in? That’s the question we put to Content Marketing World and ContentTECH speakers, award winners, and other industry thinkers.

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How to Use IGTV to Fuel Your Growth on Instagram 🌐

IGTV logo. When Instagram announced plans for IGTV, a new standalone app for long-form vertical video, the talk of IGTV taking out YouTube began. After Instagram video did away with Vine and Instagram Stories swiped a massive opportunity from Snapchat, Instagram looked poised for a hat-trick. A year and a half later, YouTube is still going strong. So, what happened?

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3 Blog Collaboration Strategies That Will Build Your Brand 🌐

A team of people play tug of war with a large rope. When it comes to building your brand as a blogger, your reputation is almost as important as your content. The right endorsement or shout-out from another blogger can help you reach a much bigger audience than you could on your own. But how do you go about building those relationships? Here are three blog collaboration strategies that will help you boost your brand, create value for your new partners, and win over even more fans.

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The Rulebook for Avoiding Email Marketing Mistakes 🌐

Illustration of an error symbol. If someone ever claims that creating emails is easy, they are most likely not an email marketer. Most experienced email professionals, at one time or another, have run into head-scratching hiccups when trying to craft the perfect message. Moments of panic like this happen frequently enough that we’ve compiled eight tips on how to avoid email marketing mistakes.

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Tags:  Tag icon.  email marketing, how-to, insights

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