My name is Deb Betz and I’m an active member of the Brush High School Alumni Association. We have been working with Aaron Di Blasi at Mind Vault since Spring of 2019. As a group of older, less technology savvy users, we were behind in our use of social media and digital marketing. Dinosaurs that we are, we were behind in many areas!

Aaron has helped us revise how we manage our database. He essentially has helped us bring our subscriber database and dues/donation workflow online. In the process of doing this Aaron was able to weave these 3 items together into a custom landing page for us, and worked closely with me in order to dial its look, feel and functionality directly into our district website.

Members can now sign up to receive our email newsletter online at, and since we’ve gone live so many of our members have done just that. In addition members can now pay their dues and donate online at using any payment method they choose.

Best of all, our new online system allows member payments and donations to repeat each year until they are cancelled, thereby eliminating the need for you to remember when your dues are due each year, which was previously a concern for many of our members.

Aaron has been patient and articulate as we have attempted to understand the benefits of this technology and how the many different pieces are intended to work together. There was definitely some faith involved on our part going in, but I can now say confidently that we are all extremely pleased with the outcome.

Across many, many consultation sessions, including in-person, conference calls and email, Aaron provided us with a wealth of information on a range of different options and technologies to suit our needs and budget. Nearly all of which, to be honest, made absolutely no sense to us at the time, but Aaron stuck with us, nudging us forward. Until we eventually decided to take the leap and set him to task. Prior to doing so however Aaron had already provided us with the following list of services, in order of priority:

1. Honest, professional, digital marketing consultation. (A lot of it.)
2. Database Administration
3. Email Marketing
4. Domain Name Administration
5. Hosting
6. Website Design and Development
7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Without a doubt I would recommend Aaron and his organization to really show you the ins and outs of this stuff every step of the way.

Deb DiLillo Betz, ’76, Charles F. Brush High School Alumni Association

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