1.) What is your name and title, and what company or companies do you represent?

My Name is Larry L. Lewis, Jr., President and Founder of Flying Blind, LLC. I also serve as Director of Government Sales and Strategic Partnerships at The Paciello Group.

2.) How long have you been in partnership with Mind Vault?

Since March of 2007.

3.) Who is your assigned Project Management Professional (PMP)?

Aaron Di Blasi

4.) Please tell us about your relationship with your PMP. What types of tasks does your PMP complete for your business or organization that make your team more productive? Or more lucrative? How would you rate your relationship with your PMP? From 1 to 5 Stars?

I would most certainly give a 5-Star rating to my PMP, both on the relationship and productivity fronts. I have had a most successful 13-year run with Mind Vault Solutions which has provided a number of different types of marketing and business development services to my firm. They have provided a few different rebuilds of my company website, providing design changes and code adjustments to serve my primary market segment of disabled customers while maintaining a fresh, professional look for both disabled and non-disabled visitors who make critical purchasing decisions.

My PMP has also provided online e-commerce guidance as well as an online publishing service where we distribute a weekly newsletter to over 6,500 subscribers. He also provides a great deal of editorial input on presentations and marketing collateral for a variety of niche efforts.

5.) What services, provided by your partnership with Mind Vault, do you find the most useful?

Mind Vault is undoubtedly the most versatile, robust marketing firm within an ever-changing industry. It has single-handedly provided to me a means of bolstering my company’s online presence. Mind Vault’s consistent attention to details while never missing a deadline makes them the most cost-effective, robust, and cooperative partner with whom I have ever conducted business.

6.) Would you refer Mind Vault to a friend or colleague if they required outsourced business or marketing administration services? And if so, what comments might you add to your referral?

Absolutely! I would most certainly refer Mind Vault and its services. It’s truly the best value for every dollar spent!

– Larry L. Lewis, Jr.

President and Founder, Flying Blind, LLC

Flying Blind, LLC logo.

Director Of Government Sales and Strategic Partnerships, The Paciello Group

The Paciello Group logo.

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