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In this Issue of What’s Now TM in Digital Marketing:

What To Do If Your Facebook Account Gets Hacked (Video). And How To Prevent It From Ever Happening Again. 🌐

Facebook logo. In this video directly from their official YouTube Channel Facebook tells you in just 1 minute and 8 seconds “What to do if your Facebook account gets hacked.” And if this particular item interests you, we would like to recommend reading up on Two-Factor Authentication as soon as you are able. With 2FA in place, hacked accounts become a thing of the past.

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Why Social Media Companies Frown on ‘Gaming the Algorithm’ 🌐

A hypodermic needle appears to inject a flexed bicep with a red serum. At the end of the flexed arm is the Facebook Thumbs Up icon. A new study examines how platforms talk about people who break their rules —sportily, morally, and sometimes hypocritically. To succeed on social media, you must hustle. Journalists and advertisers cleave to search engine optimized keywords, and make byzantine calculations that determine when, exactly, their articles or clients are most likely to break through the clutter and win the algorithmic lottery. Online creators and influencers, whether they’re on Facebook or Instagram or YouTube or Twitter, are no different. In fact, they may be more algorithm-obsessed. Entreaties for likes and retweets and follow-backs and to “smash that subscribe button” are now so universal and frequent that they’re beginning to sound like tics. The reason for influencers’ begging, if they give one, is always the same: the algorithm.

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Tags:  Tag icon.  social media, algorithms, creators, influencers, organic, authentic, insight

Should You Pay To Promote Content on Social Media? (Video) 🌐

Hootsuite icon. I believe it will be obvious to anyone that has been around Digital Marketing for even a short while that the answer to this question often changes depending upon who’s answering it. Since we here at the Vault have the luxury of approaching this question from a neutral position we can tell you this with confidence. Yes you should. But precisely how you do so will determine the success of your approach. In this video from their official YouTube Channel Hootsuite outlines in just 3 minutes and 6 seconds just such an approach, as they explain “Why You Should Pay to Promote Content.”

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Why Are There Weird Stock Photos? 🌐

Stock photograph of a Doll's head in boiling liquid, in an unusual ultraviolet color. The nature of stock imagery is changing, or more specifically, getting weirder. According to Google, search interest for “weird stock photos” has more than doubled in the past five years — growing faster than perennial favorites such as “business stock photos” or “stock photos of people.” Whereas a decade ago, an office worker smiling and holding a cup of coffee might have been perfect for a corporate website, today that won’t sell your product or service. With people posting their day-to-day life on social media more than ever before, authenticity reigns supreme. Consumers are also becoming increasingly disengaged from generic advertisements and are seeking a more personalized experience in their interactions with brands.

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Tags:  Tag icon.  stock photography, authenticity, branding, social media, insight

How to Schedule Instagram Posts: A Step-by-Step Guide 🌐

Illustration of a woman sitting next to a calendar writing in Instagram hearts with a pen. Okay team, it’s almost 2020 and that means knowing how to schedule Instagram posts in advance is no longer ‘neat,’ it’s non-negotiable. Whether you’re running a business account, a creator account, or you’re building up your brand on the regular, using an Instagram scheduler is one of the best ways to reclaim your time and creativity. In this post we’ll take you through the steps and best practices for all three types of Instagram accounts, so you can turn your attention to what matters.

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Tags:  Tag icon.  instagram, scheduling, social media management, how-to

How to Repurpose Content Without Getting in Trouble (Video) 🌐

Convince & Convert Logo. What once was old can always be new again, and that includes your content. Here’s what you need to know about repurposing content safely. Takeaways: (A) Repurposing is great for both your bottom line and your content’s visibility. (B) Penalties for repurposing content don’t work quite how you think, and that’s a good thing. (C) Focus on adding value when repurposing old content, and your audiences won’t get bored.

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Tags:  Tag icon.  content marketing, content repurposing, content management, audience retention, how-to

6 Ways to Prep Your eCommerce Site for Holiday Traffic 🌐

Illustration of a mobile phone in hand ready to press the 'Buy' button. In the weeks leading up to the holidays, eCommerce sales hit their peaks. Between November 2018 and the end of the year, a massive $126 billion was spent online. Given the massive influx of digital shoppers during this lucrative time of year, it is vital for eCommerce store owners to prepare their sites to handle exponentially more traffic than what they receive during the rest of the year. If a digital store doesn’t run smoothly, it’s sure to spell trouble for that brand’s sales and reputation.

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Tags:  Tag icon.  ecommerce, holiday season, traffic, online shopping, black friday, website performance, tips

What in the Name of Marketing Is Reverse Positioning? 🌐

Several professionals sit around a table analyzing charts and graphs. In 2011, Patagonia released an ad on Black Friday advising consumers not to buy their jackets. In 2015, Dove released a campaign that celebrated women, rather than showcasing their deodorant or body wash. The tactic used in these campaigns is called “reverse positioning.” It’s a unique marketing strategy that emulates this quote coined by marketing cartoonist Tom Fishburne: “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” So, what goes into reverse marketing, and why does it work?

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Tags:  Tag icon.  marketing, campaigns, reverse positioning, strategy, brand awareness, cause awareness, consumer appreciation, examples, insight

Email Marketing vs. Blogging for Small Business Owners 🌐

A small business owner sits at a laptop considering his choices. We get this question quite a bit here at the Vault. And I believe the reason we continue to get this question is because its answer wholly depends upon your specific business model. That said, our general recommendation is, except in fringe cases, that both email marketing and blogging together will provide you with marketing benefits that neither could by itself. You want your marketing to be an ecosystem, with each strategy equally feeding off of and assisting the next. So we’ll be covering both of these methods. In detail. For this round of discussion we begin with an article from WordPress.com which sums up the Top 3 general benefits of blogging quite nicely.

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Seasonal Email and Subject Line Inspiration for Fall 🌐

A gold badge with a blue star sits on a green circle. Fall marks the beginning of a quarter-long marketing push for many brands. The holidays are just around the corner and it’s prime time to start spreading a little seasonal love to subscribers before the onslaught of holiday promotions and specials. We’ve seen a plethora of fall and Halloween-themed emails come across our inboxes over the last month. Here are some of our favorites from brands with the best email subject lines!

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