My name is Joseph M. Cicero, Jr. ( and I am the retired Mayor of the City of Lyndhurst, Ohio (, a suburb of 14,000 residents on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio.

I was first elected Mayor in November of 2003 and served until my retirement in January of 2016. When I first took office there was no computer in the Mayor’s office and each department was disconnected, computer-wise, from the others. I brought Mind Vault in to help us in a number of areas…

They assisted us in getting the departments connected. They assisted us in finding the right IT company, which in turn allowed us better internal communication. They built out our website. They built out our social media presence. They built out our information distribution system. We were still putting out a paper newsletter about 4 times a year and were having trouble getting it together.

Aaron (Di Blasi, designed our initial digital newsletter which allowed our residents to sign-up and receive city information and allowed each of our departments to create a section about the services that they provide to our residents. We were able to communicate information in a timely manner whereas before we were at the mercy of the mailing house. Communicating the State of The City on a yearly basis allowed us to make sure that our residents had an understanding of the city, its finances and all of the goings on that were taking place. City organizations soon began asking us if they could have space on the city website.

Working with Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd. has been one of the easiest decisions we’ve made. Their professionalism, knowledge and creative ability allowed the City of Lyndhurst to get into the 21st century and thrive.

Over the course of 16 + years (as of this testimonial) they have become not just a vendor that the City does business with, but a partner and a friend. They have always had our back and I would highly recommend them to you and your business if you’re looking for a vendor that will always do the same.

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Joseph M. Cicero, Jr., Mayor
City of Lyndhurst, Ohio, 2004-2016, Retired


The Cicero Team
Keller Williams Greater Cleveland
Phone: (440) 343-7503

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