Let’s Talk Tips for Friday, November 1st 2019 – Volume 14

Let's Talk Tips Newsletter graphic. A photo shows a close up of a cork board hanging on a wall above a desk. On the desk to the left of the cork board is a plant and a red double bell alarm clock. To the right of the cork board is a hardcover book with a spiral notebook and pen on top of it. Pinned to the very center of the cork board by a single red pin is the Let's Talk Tips logo printed on a single piece of white paper. The logo itself consists of 4 multicolored crayons standing side by side. Each crayon has a different letter at the top of it, together spelling out the word, TIPS.

Let's Talk Tips for Friday, November 1st 2019 - Volume 14 An Author Donna Jodhan Publication http://bit.ly/LETSTALKTIPSV14 About | Let's Talk Tips is your monthly resource for the most current and reliable informational tips available in the areas of Technology, Nutrition, Media, Business, and Advocacy. Find out more at: http://bit.ly/ADJLTT Web Version | Read this…

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