Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd. Partners with Access Ready, Inc., Leading Nonprofit Cross-Disability Rights Advocacy Organization

Two businessman in suits shake hands.

I am very excited to announce that Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd. has entered into partnership with Access Ready, Inc., (https://accessready.org/) a leading nonprofit cross-disability rights advocacy organization whose mission is to educate the public and private sectors on the importance of accessible information and communications technology to the future of all people, regardless of ability.…

Ten Amazing AI Websites That You Can Try Right Now

The Words Artificial Intelligence sit next to an illustration of a brain. The brain is half biological and half electrical.

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) is perhaps one of the most complex technologies currently under development, the results of current AI initiatives are incredibly fun and really easy to use. Whether or not they have achieved practicality, I will let you decide, but I promise you will have fun in the process! Many people tend to…

Is Your Business or Organization Looking to Hire a Professional, Part-Time, Remote Digital Marketer? Aaron Di Blasi, PMP, Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd., is Seeking a New Client Partnership. Hire Direct And Pay No Agency Fee.

Illustration of the Digital Marketing process.

Could your business or organization use help with your digital marketing workflow? Tasks like website administration, article assembly and publication, graphic design, website updates, email newsletter blasts and social media scheduling? Aaron Di Blasi, Owner and Sr. Project Management Professional for Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd. is seeking a new client partnership. You Are: Any size…

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