Statistics can be made to prove anything — even the truth.” – Author Unknown

Mind Vault can assist your business / organization with creating on-the-fly polls and surveys that collect and aggregate the information that you need to know to grow.

We use marketing surveys for a number of reasons, from identifying visitor satisfaction scores, to deciding how to best position new products or services.

At Mind Vault we focus on the technical and marketing specifics of the survey process for you, so that you can focus on capturing the data that you know will be most valuable to your business.

Mind Vault specializes in:

1.) Question Formatting Best Practices

2.) Consistency of Question Presentation Best Practices

3.) Integrating Respondent Demographic Information

4.) Writing Statistically Valid Questions:

  • Leading Question Avoidance
  • Assumptive Close Prevention
  • Answer Implication Avoidance
  • Coercion Avoidance
  • Creating Balanced Question Scales
  • Language Clarification
  • Question Choice Randomization