Mind Vault can design, organize, and maintain the informational structure of your website to give you the greatest possible organic ranking with all search engines over time, but especially with Google.

We connect your website directly to Google Webmaster Tools like Search Console and Google Analytics in order to monitor the behavior of your link traffic over time. We then use that information to make gradual adjustments to the structure of your website that, taken in accumulation, eventually give you the maximum amount of organic search ranking possible for each keyword for which you currently compete.

We can also help you to set up and / or connect your Google My Business Profile to your website in order to increase your search engine ranking.

If you are a government organization, we can assist you with the application necessary to register yourself as a verified government organization (VGO) with Google. Thereby increasing your authority, and in turn your search ranking, for all keywords for which you currently compete.

And finally, if you run ¬©Google ¬©Adwords campaigns, Mind Vault can further modify its SEO approach to accomodate all of the keywords that you are currently bidding on.

If you have any additional questions about real SEO practices, with none of that hocus pocus stuff, please Contact Us today.