As a full range graphic design firm Mind Vault offers the following classes of graphic design services to our clients on an as-needed basis:

1.) Original, custom website design.

2.) Original, custom logo design.

3.) Online advertisement design.

4.) Stock photography selection and customization.

5.) Stock vector selection and customization.

6.) Stock sound selection and customization.

7.) Stock video selection and customization.

8.) Print and press design and layout services, which include:

  • Business Cards
  • Stationery
  • Fliers
  • Mailers
  • Post Cards
  • Advertisement Design, Layout and *Pre-Press

*Pre-Press Services: Pre-Press (or Pre-Flight) Services are the sum total of all of the actions taken to prepare an approved design / layout for submission to a printer. Because pre-flight requirements can vary from printer to printer Mind Vault will handle all of the pre-press (or pre-flight) requirements for your project once you have chosen a printer.

A project is considered complete once your printer has verified that all necessary files have been provided to take that project to press.